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  1. Hello @tuanphan sorry to bother you again, hope you can help me out again, I would greatly appreciate it! I have several icons on the webpage: https://ariix.com.mx/nutrifii which didn't work with the code, all others did work. For example the blue and green icons (attachment) don't show up as two columns on mobile. I am targeting the spacer block ID which is on top of the icons for the code, is that the problem? And the last question, there is another page with icons, https://ariix.com.mx/slenderiiz on which I also applied the code above but the icons still stack on mobile, I think
  2. This would be great @tuanphan I would greatly appreciate it! I just want to mobile to look more user friendly, and 2 images per row (and then the other code block below) is perfect. 🙂
  3. Site URL: http://ariix.com.mx/nutrifii Hey guys, I am working on a site that has some icons (as code blocks) and I am having trouble when the display is switched to mobile. In desktop the code blocks appear on the same row, however as we know in mobile everything is stacked. I have tried several CSS codes without avail. I can't seem to find a way to make the images appear on the same row when on mobile. On the attachments you will be able to see how the display is on desktop and how it stacks them and messes up the row on mobile. Thanks in advance!
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