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  1. Alternatively, is there a way to move a single button/link within the index navigation? I utilized .index-navigation .collection-nav-item { text-align: right!important: } Which moves the entire menu to the right side. I'm trying to call the last button only to move through .nav-item:last-child{} or .nav-item:nth-child(9){}, but neither are working for the specific button. I have the data-url-id as well, but am not sure how to apply this movement code just to the one item.
  2. Thank you for the reply! I'd like to place it on the bottom or bottom right corner of the page. I suppose a possible alternative could be if there is the ability to show the footer on an index page; however, I found a post regarding this and it seems like it was beyond coding through CSS.
  3. Hello! Is it possible to add a button to an index page? (Specifically on the Tremont template - https://tremont-demo.squarespace.com/) I have my collection ID for the index page, but am unsure what CSS could be used to create a button. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the reply! After the trial, I'll just be on a personal plan for this one. (And I believe Javascript is for business/commerce only?) Not a big deal though, I don't mind the sticky/follow header existing on mobile/tablet, it's mostly desktop where I wasn't a fan of how it looked, which I was able to work out through a min-width function; however, I am curious if there is another method to display/execute functions for mobile vs. desktop? (Something that checks the browser for what type of device is requesting the site and only executes the code if it is desktop - my concern, and perha
  5. Sorry about that! It should be active again.
  6. Hello, thanks for the reply! The site URL is currently buffalo-cheetah-7ax6.squarespace.com and I've set the password as password for viewing. For reference, I ended up coding it so the fixed/pinned header only applies to desktop, and I don't entirely mind the sticky/following header on mobile, but if there is a method for pinning on mobile, I would be interested. (I've re-activated the problem line so the issue should be present again) Thanks again!
  7. Hello everyone, Is there a way to make a fixed header within Tremont? I tried utilizing .site-header { position: absolute:} which does work at keeping the header at the top of the page; however, I noticed on mobile this allows the active page to be infinitely swiped off screen to the left revealing the index page. Is there an addition that could prevent this from happening or another method fo fixing the header? Thanks
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