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  1. Weird! On mobile or desktop? And homepage or navigation? It's popping up for me, but I'm needing help with changing the mobile navigation logo to blue, not white.
  2. Site URL: https://www.laurenbeane.com/speaking Hi, I have a preview of 2 topics on my 'speaking' page. Instead of linking to another page when clicking 'preview this talk', I'd like a lightbox to appear with a pdf of the full session description when clicking 'preview this talk', similar to how I currently have it on my 'learn more' button. I'm currently using Squarespace 7.1- Almar. site: Laurenbeane.com/speaking PW: Lauren123
  3. Fantastic, it worked thank you!! Is there a way to keep that original blue logo on the homepage when the navigation bar is open?
  4. Still not working 😞 I hit the mobile icon, then edit --> advanced --> and inserted the code there. Is there something else I need to be doing?
  5. @tuanphan Hmm, not working for me. The logo is still showing as blue on the homepage for mobile instead of white
  6. Hi, I have successfully changed my logo on my mobile version to a longer, rectangular logo to fit the screen better instead of the square-shaped logo I have on my desktop site. However, with the photo on my homepage my logo disappears. I'd like the blue logo on all of my pages, but I need the logo to be white on my homepage. The blue shows up when the navigation bar is open which is great, but that blue logo is hard to see on the main homepage. I have successfully coded so that I have a white logo only on my homepage for desktop, but I need the same for mobile.
  7. this worked for me on desktop, but I'm having trouble making this work for mobile. Can you help?
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