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  1. @paul2009 Thank you for the quick feedback. If I may, I have one more question. In my commerce tab I see her inventory. I exported it all but when I go to import it again, the 4 shops I created are still set as active pages and nothing shows up in the single store I want to replace the other 4 with. #lost. If you time in your schedule we'd love to hire you on to get this portion of her site integrated!
  2. @paul2009 Thank you for the response. I may have set things up wrong from the start. I'm setting up a store for a client but instead of creating 1 shop to house all the mens, womens, kids, accessories products, I created 4 individual stores in her navigation. From what I've read it sounds like I should set up 1 shop and create simple links in the main navigation and use tags to organize what product goes where (new arrivals, sold page, sale, men's, kids, etc.) My client has already uploaded all her products and written the descriptions. Is there a way to merge all those stores into one? Attaching a screenshot of how the pages are setup now. Oh and read through your custom badges article and I'm stuck on how to place the badge over the top left corner of each product tile. Screen attached. Any help on this would be huge. Thank you!
  3. Curious how to have any new products I upload go to the new arrivals section, in addition to their respective category. Ex: hat goes into new arrivals and mens, hats. How do we handle this in Squarespace? I'm sure I'm missing something super simple but would love some pointers. Thanks
  4. I also love how they let us fend for ourselves in these rabbit hole chat rooms and no real team response ever takes place.
  5. Why does Squarespace get so many things right and SO many things wrong? Who's driving this ship?? Seriously NO search? WTF???
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