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  1. Hi! Currently this template makes the titles disappear when in hovering state on the project boxes, is there a way avoid this, so that the title will just become bigger or have other kind of highlighting animation but not disappearing? Thank you for any tips on how to customise this!
  2. I add this to Code Injection Header, where can I find just Page header? is the one on the picture where I should use it?
  3. This changes both forms still, what I need is to leave https://www.chipa.fi/contact with english default (name and surname) and https://www.chipa.fi/ota-yhteytt with the Finnish equivalent (Etunimi and Sukunimi)
  4. Is this instead of the Design > Custom CSS or should I keep both?
  5. @tuanphan Thank you! this works fine but this also overwrites the English version that should remain, is there a way to keep the EN and FI code separately? now they are both in FI https://www.chipa.fi/contact
  6. Hi! is the description on the form easy to customised I have the same issue, I need to change (name - surname) for the equivalent in Finnish language in a multi-language page is this possible?
  7. @tuanphanTaking over Laura's question, could you help me with this for my site? www.chipa.fi I have sent you an email request 🙂
  8. No, I haven't as I am not sure how to show an arrow on that piece of code.
  9. @derricksrandomviews Thank you for your quick answer, I will use the arrow but where in your code I can see this? as it is now is a black square with white text, and should I add this to each page (both languages to make it work?)
  10. @derricksrandomviews Hi! would the piece of code work for a multi-language page and if so what would be the correct way to add it, I am working with a 7.1 version and have already a piece of code for multi-language menu? Thank you so much for your advice!
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