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  1. I add this to Code Injection Header, where can I find just Page header? is the one on the picture where I should use it?
  2. This changes both forms still, what I need is to leave https://www.chipa.fi/contact with english default (name and surname) and https://www.chipa.fi/ota-yhteytt with the Finnish equivalent (Etunimi and Sukunimi)
  3. Is this instead of the Design > Custom CSS or should I keep both?
  4. @tuanphan Thank you! this works fine but this also overwrites the English version that should remain, is there a way to keep the EN and FI code separately? now they are both in FI https://www.chipa.fi/contact
  5. Hi! is the description on the form easy to customised I have the same issue, I need to change (name - surname) for the equivalent in Finnish language in a multi-language page is this possible?
  6. @tuanphanTaking over Laura's question, could you help me with this for my site? www.chipa.fi I have sent you an email request 🙂
  7. No, I haven't as I am not sure how to show an arrow on that piece of code.
  8. @derricksrandomviews Thank you for your quick answer, I will use the arrow but where in your code I can see this? as it is now is a black square with white text, and should I add this to each page (both languages to make it work?)
  9. @derricksrandomviews Hi! would the piece of code work for a multi-language page and if so what would be the correct way to add it, I am working with a 7.1 version and have already a piece of code for multi-language menu? Thank you so much for your advice!
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