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  1. Site URL: https://www.camillaottesen.dk Hey. I'm using parallax headers in several pages, made with background-attachment: fixed. How can I twist the code, so it will also work i IOS? (i have removed the image-url in the following) [data-section-id="61e145e15bc8c537841f2161"]{ .section-background{ &::after { //creating the element content: ""; width:100%; height:100%; position: absolute; //adding the image background-image:url("IMAGE-URL(removed in this code-example"); background-repeat:no-repeat; opacity:70%; //positioning the image background-size:cover; background-position:center center; background-attachment: fixed; transform: scale(1); } } www.camillaottesen.dk code: Camilla
  2. Site URL: https://yo-studios.squarespace.com/ How can I CSS-target the close cross and the disclaimer text in promotional pop up? Some how there is a bug, and sometimes the X is pink. And I cant change the disclaimer text to white.... https://yo-studios.squarespace.com/ code: YO2021
  3. Site URL: https://yo-studios.squarespace.com/team-yo I have huge problems getting the images to align side by side on mobile. Tried a tons of code, can someone help me? Its for the specifik page: https://yo-studios.squarespace.com/team-yo Code: YO2021 Ive got the pictures to display only 50%, centered with the following code. But I cannot crack how to get them to align side by side... Any suggestions: [data-section-id="6090fe306e18c805ae8ddadf"]{ @media(max-width:640px){ display:block; .content-wrapper { width:50%; } //removing spaces in mobile .sqs-layout .spacer-block{ display:none!important; } } }
  4. I really need help with this to... The design on desktop is a bit different then normal, so I have trouble finding the right code for this. I need the images to align side by side, 2 or three at a time on mobile. Speficic on this page, and no other. https://yo-studios.squarespace.com/team-yo Code: YO2021
  5. Site URL: https://yo-studios.squarespace.com/ I'm having huge problemts with links. Its working fine on my windows computer, using chrome inkognito. But other, using chrome, cant click on links. And if they are using safari, they cant see text made as links. The website isnt online yes, is that det problem? Ore have I somehow fucked up the css? What is the best croos browser testing tool? How can I debug this problem? https://yo-studios.squarespace.com/ code: YO2021 THANKS!
  6. No. I've deleted the social icons for now, while i'm wating for my designer to finished customized svg social icons. But maybe you have css for the customized icons, and to be placed in the right side of the desktop version header.
  7. THANKS! But, that also put the social icons to the left..... I want burger and title to the right, and socialicons to the left. I cant crack the code...
  8. https://yo-studios.squarespace.com/ code: YO2021
  9. I have customized my header on desktop version, to force burger menu from mobile to nav on desktop. BUT! I would really love to have the burger menu to the left, before logo. And then the social icons on the right side. On mobile the burger menu is to the left. And .header-burger{order:0!important;} Is not enough. I have tried a tons of css, found in previous subjects in this forum, but I haven't found the right one.
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