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  1. Hi Derrick, Would this hide the word "JPG" at the end of the file name... Here is an example...I want to remove the word JPG on every image?
  2. Site URL: https://www.lastminutelocalgifts.com/ Hi all, Been trying to get this matter resolved without having to spend a fortune. Whenever someone conducts a search on my platform the image title shows "JPG" at the end of it. I was hoping to see if anyone has a script that removes this. E.g When you search for example "Chunky Monkey" in the search bar, the result shows "Chunky Monkey Blankets.JPG" I want to remove the JPG. So I inspected the page and found the following element. <div class="sqs-title" id="yui_3_17_2_1_1596025138196_1404"> Austin &amp; Jax.JPG </div> Is there anyway i can translate this into to a CSS so that it removes the JPG on all images on our platform when its searched for? Thanks all
  3. HI Paul Thank you for responding, I have privately messaged you the link to our website.
  4. Hi guys, been with squarespace for a very long time and I have only come across this issue right now. Its only now that i have decided to utilise the search bar on this website i am developing, but I am coming across one irritating thing that i would really appreciate anyone with any knowledge of how to overcome it... The image attached shows my search bar, when you type in, for this example, the start of a postcode, the search bar shows the Name of the file with the JPG present... Does anyone know how I can remove that JPG wording within the search bar, I have noticed that the images from squarespace do not have this problem, where as images i upload onto the website do? Really grateful for any responses and thank you
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