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  1. Thank you, but I'm still unclear on how to choose specific fonts that don't fit within a Font Family...
  2. @Tuanphan thank you for assisting with this- this code has helped me get started on a similar issue. Attempting to change font on image overlay on site truelifemedia.com to a specific font- Novecento Sans Condensed that matches my H3 font. How would I do this and alter the capitalization and size?
  3. This code provided worked and I was able to change the color settings in Pacific. Thank you Bangank36! .sqs-video-wrapper .sqs-video-overlay:hover .sqs-video-opaque { background: #000; opacity: 0.75; }
  4. Thank you Bangank36. I tried to add this but it doesn't seem to work. My site isn't live yet so I can't add yet. How would I adapt this for my site? (pardon my ignorance on this- fairly inexperienced site builder here).
  5. I'm attempting to add a hover like the attached example to videos on my site in a gallery grid. Support suggested adding an Index Gallery but this didn't work. I'm using Pacific but am not opposed to using a different template. Just looking for simple code to use this effect on my thumbnails so users can figure out which video they're hovering over.
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