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  1. Site URL: https://www.revelucent.com/api/newsletters/confirm-subscribe?token=goO1Bm2PGxFSq38ueV4H8ky091B3v8P6V5DLdX9IgCLpYaNTBaVrSeeyh-6XNgY9JJkSpnGIwWdPT2Msb04NJsVJxVGyoYV6uq_gnKEzMHEPkTid__nTXV08AvPZGJuKKA0bo-p2RNARQSOZmvn8pK4S9hJmy5sugGBVGPZ_aAGtGtF-mD6vs0NVsVIsVLJAqEyRHdBwgPaNhReMGOdAftdphrvFjylncfNjLDTcUzMdVteWqZPGKjb5iromU3c9acOJjZdqJu_CAWrFBPc6tLZITi5S08QsPgoPoSMZY4CsuCmOKPbKlS3bSUQDn3YTSG7taCzCyOx565iMoUG3WQQZBpSQ0I20oFnAsa03dBLl_dz04PDgfn5Asx7K5K5rCR35ys3MQOpUtT2M&ss_source=sscampaigns&ss_campaign_id=opt-in&ss_campaign_name=Confirm%2Byour%2Bsubscription%2Bto%2BREVELUCENT&ss_campaign_s
  2. Here is the Demo Account information. dlthdus0817@naver.com Password12345 Yes. I also think it's impossible. But I would really appreciate if you can try to look into it. Thank you so much Tuan!! @tuanphan
  3. Site URL: http://revelucent.com Hi Is there anyway that we can change the Customer Account Profile Tab typeface as following the rest of website font? At least the customer name? I really don't like that typeface. Thanks!
  4. Site URL: https://www.revelucent.com/ @tuanphan @paul2009 Site URL: https://www.revelucent.com/ Hi all, I have an issue with resizing video on mobile version. I could resize the video ratio but there is a gray bar on the bottom of the video on the mobile. There are two videos, on the HOMEPAGE and the EXECUTIVE page under SOLUTIONS. Please let me know how I can get rid of that gray bar. Thank you so much.
  5. Hi @tuanphan, I have a similar issue with my website banner video. On homepage, there is a lighting exploded video and the size of this video is not changing on mobile version. It got cropped in the middle. Could you please share me the code for fixing this issue? Website : revelucent.com Thank you so much.
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