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  1. Thanks, @tuanphan, that code worked. Unfortunately the way the icon appears in line with the other Page titles on the site is a little awkward. It being so small in juxtaposition with full words throws the spacing off, so I may just leave it as "Social", but I appreciate the opportunity to compare them.
  2. The URL is currently a placeholder as we work on rebuilding/porting over from a different website builder. Not sure if that will make a difference down the road. For my purposes, I'll be using an Instagram icon rather than a search icon/function, so I've named the Link page in Main Navigation "Social" rather than "Search".
  3. Sure, but that doesn't solve the problem of how to get an icon into the nav bar like you used to be able to do with 7.0 and Font Awesome.
  4. @tuanphan Can you expand upon this? What custom CSS would turn the link text into an icon? I understand how to do this in 7.0 using code injection, but that feature has been removed in 7.1 (which is exceptionally aggravating). I don't personally need to use a search icon in my header, but I do need to use a socials icon (Instagram), as the default way of doing this in 7.1 (Header > Element > Social Links) puts the icon way outside of where it needs to be, and isn't adjustable.
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