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  1. Is it possible for the change to be only present on the 'Product Design' page? The change has been pushed across all pages, and I was wondering if it was possible for the second page to keep the design as before the custom CSS change
  2. Thanks! I've added that code, and it works but there are some spacing issues with that change. I can adjust the vertical spacing between projects, is there any way to adjust the horizontal spacing between project 2 and 3 and change the width of project 1 to match the width of the projects below? Also, is there any way for this code to only affect the 'Product Design' page?
  3. Sure, I'll message you directly the link and password as I'm still tweaking it
  4. Hi there! I've just found this thread and I'm looking to solve exactly the same thing. The custom CSS posted above doesn't work for me, could somebody help? (Just to clarify, as default the 'alternate widths' option shows the first two projects on one line and the third on a full width line. I would like to change this so that the first project is full width and all remaining projects are half width)
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