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Hans Lundholm

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  1. Thanks! Visually that was exactly what I was after. But there's two big problems with this method: 1. The first case after the Hero Case gets hidden, guessing behind the hero case. It reappears when viewing on a phone an all cases gets stacked one by one. 2. When viewing the site on a phone all cases gets scaled 50% in width except the Hero Case.
  2. I'll DM you the password and link. It's not live yet
  3. Hi I'm using the York template and trying to style the index page. The idea is to have a hero project first and then two columns with the rest of the projects. So similar to the Style sitting "INDEX : LAYOUT / Item width : Full / Alternate Widths : Yes But instead of having: 1 full width project , 2 columns, 1, 2, 1, 2... it's: 1 full width project , 2 columns, 2,2,2... Makes sense? Don't want it alternating between full width and two columns. Tried with a banner but can't insert a project there. Does anyone know if it's possible to achieve this or is it possible to do with an other template?
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