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  1. ...I am aware I spelled "advice" wrong. Please don't hold it against me!
  2. Hey podcasters! I'm helping launch a podcast (after I helped the company build their site on Squarespace) and I’m trying to figure out the best way for them to record, host, and distribute. There will be two hosts and a guest recording remotely every episode. I just want to make sure they’re on a system that can reliably record without connection issues (on separate tracks so I can adjust the levels) and the best way to distribute episodes to the major platforms. I’ve been looking into anchor, zencaster, and cleanfeed among others. One option looks to be host the episodes on Sqsp (and th
  3. Adding a request to this thread for a possible alternative solution, if anyone out there can advise. Instead of moving the subtitle next to the title (which may be a little more difficult) is it possible to just make the gap between the title and subtitle smaller? I know I can shrink the bottom margin (by px, em, or a %) but since the page is responsive, depending on the width sometimes there is an overlap (displayed in the attached screenshots). Is there any way to prevent an overlap between the elements?
  4. Hey @tuanphan, can you take another look at this when you have a moment? 🙏
  5. You can create a page that looks like a drop down menu, it would just have links listed like that, and link the first click to direct that page.
  6. Unfortunately not. So currently on my site I have the title (in bold) and subtitle together in the automated Title Block, but that causes issues on AMP pages (screenshot also below showing the <strong> tags are showing) and that's what I need to change. My solution is as follows; I want to put the subtitle in its own text block and then remove the space via CSS. Then I'll be able to bold the Title Block via CSS and those two pieces together will achieve the same look without the error. Thanks!
  7. Can't find the help article but Shift+Return should create a tighter space between lines
  8. Site URL: https://www.therationalonline.com/reading/netflix-tiger-king-exploits-wild-animals-entertainment Is it possible to move the first line of article text, in my case subtitle, next to the Title via CSS so it's scalable across all posts? The post title element is entry-title. Note: Adding the text directly to the Title is not an option unfortunately. That's how I have it now but it's causing issues so I need to make a change. Thanks!
  9. Would it be possible to do something like this but have it pop up as a lightbox when the link is clicked, rather than bring you to a new page specifically for the search?
  10. Just sent the password protected site via direct message. Thanks!
  11. Hey! The page isn't published yet unfortunately.
  12. Please see the arrow pointing to the issue in the screenshot blow. The underline in the H2 is ridiculously low. I know I could increase the line spacing but that messes up the rest of the site. Is there anything that can be done about the hyperlink underline in CSS? If it makes a different I'm using the Orpheus font. Thanks!
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