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  1. Has anyone on this thread had any luck with products on Instagram? They basically replied and told me that it's Instagram's issue and therefore Squarespace are not responsible for their product not working properly,.
  2. Oh look, another one. I'm currently in email yet again trying to get this figured out with Squarespace. I even woke up early (For me, I'm a night owl) to try to figure this out. Product tagging on Instagram has avoided me from the very beginning. I've followed the steps over and over and over again. I've gone back and forth in email. They keep blaming it on Facebook and Instagram, and I'm really frustrated. This is another forum post on this topic. https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/154238-instagram-shopping-and-squarespace/?tab=comments#comment-373094
  3. I had to open a new case (I dropped the ball in the middle of a bunch of stuff. Can't even rate the quality of service because I forgot to do so when the email first arrived. Email: Okay. I'm just going to cut straight to the chase here. I switched to Squarespace because of Instagram Shopping and the desire for a beautiful, functional website. I got one, but not the other. I have imported the items. My catalog looks great. But Instagram will not accept it. I'm "not approved." I have deleted and set up the catalog on Facebook. It's still the same. I have followed the instructions step by step five different times. When that didn't work, I switched my Instagram account from Creator to Business, back to Personal, changed the settings...everything I could think of. I have been fighting with this since the end of February. I have been in and out of conversation with your employees for months now. No resolution. According to several folks in the forums, this lack of functionality has been going on for a long time. And each person gets a different excuse for why it does not work. This needs to be fixed. https://forum.squarespace.com/topic/154238-instagram-shopping-and-squarespace/ Also, when I go to IG and start digging, surprise! https://help.instagram.com/772352526461064?helpref=related Squarespace is not listed as a commerce site they work with. Now, the main two reasons I paid for a year of commerce on Squarespace were Instagram compatibility and the functionality of the site builder. I've created a gorgeous website that I need to drive traffic to, and can not use the main tool that I paid for! Please fix this. Otherwise, I will be expecting some seriously heavy refunds for the trouble I've gone through. As far as I am concerned, this is false advertising. Either get this issue fixed or please, cut a refund for EVERY person who has emailed or contacted customer service about it. Thank you, Califia
  4. At this point I've all but given up on it. I don't have time to waste, already wasted my money. My heart just isn't in the race anymore lol.
  5. I absolutely agree with you on @SQUARESPACE being useless in this situation. I've tried everything and still can not get the product tagging to work. I've deleted and re-uploaded my products. Made a whole new catalog, etc. I've attempted several times and finally gave up after finding this forum post and realizing it's not my fault. What's really frustrating is the pointing of fingers. Squarespace has the ability to reach out to FB and IG and work through this to streamline it. Clearly those companies are capable of working together to solve issues like this. So why don't they? At this point I am feeling like everyone dealing with this should get a 40% refund on their purchase, since this feature is highly useful and one of two reasons I chose Squarespace. Ugh.
  6. I got a reply to my email requests and it was no help at all. The following is the email I was sent. (Squarespace) May 15, 2020, 8:05:55 AM EDT Hi Califia, {redacting names and such} Tagging Squarespace products on Instagram is definitely possible, however the only part of the process that we have any visibility over is the link found in the Marketing > Tag Products on Instagram panel. This link populates the Facebook Business Manager catalog with the products from your site. I tested this link and it is working correctly. Since the catalog is appearing correctly in Facebook Business Manager this issue is occurring between Facebook and Instagram. As a result you would need to contact one of these platforms for support with these issues. We can’t help with your Instagram or Facebook accounts. For help, visit Instagram's Help Center or the Facebook Business Manager Help Center. If there is anything else we can do for you, don't hesitate to ask. [93RD4G-DLEE]
  7. This is good information. I feel that if they can't get it fixed in the next month or so, they need to give a partial refund back to anyone who has been trying to use Shopping on Instagram.
  8. I have had this same issue since I started attempting to connect Squarespace and IG in January. The main reason I chose Squarespace over other options was the IG connection and their beautiful website designs. Now I'm stuck with just a beautiful website design. I've been struggling to get traffic to my site, learning SEO. I've worn all the hats for my business for so long, I paid for SquareSpace to streamline at least part of it. Are there any updates on this?
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