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  1. It is in the form on the below page. Thank you for your help I appreciate it https://www.thatvanguy.co.nz/bookings-quotes
  2. Site URL: https://www.thatvanguy.co.nz/bookings-quotes Hello, Im building this website and currently have a 2 x small issues with the embed code from a third party source, that being "Jobber" 1/ The embed code ( A form to fill out and submit) doesn't seem to show up until the user hits refresh, then it does....not ideal. 2/ When on the website via a phone on the calendar section (If available, which day works best for you?) the appearance of the calendar is very large and the use has to scroll up or down (away from a greyed out section) to see the actual calendar itself, (which they are unlikely to do) I am a bit of a learner with this stuff so I dont understand code etc but I can follow easy instructions 🙂 I would greatly appreciate any help with this please. Thank you in advance.
  3. Thank you, I went with your suggestion and very happy with it. Thanks again.
  4. Hi, I am a bit frustrated in trying to make a call on which template would suit me best, can someone help me? I am wanting a website that will promote my transport / furniture removal business .... a man in a van type operation. I want to have pages describing the service and have a great online booking system that links back to my google calendar. There isn't going to be artistic photos just a few happy customer ones perhaps so I dont need a massive gallery or a blog, its a service industry. The templates all look great but Im so confused as to which will be the best. Any advise would be great Thanks Kindly
  5. No not yet, I dont seem to be getting much attention on here lol
  6. Site URL: https://www.bretanddonna.co.nz/ Hello everyone. My website bretanddonna.co.nz is appearing very crowded in the header between the logo and the navigation bar and social icons. I want to space it out a little bit but the Squarespace help team tell me this is not an option in the five template and I should discuss it with you all 🙂 Unfortunately I am not a guru in respects to coding, infact Im a retard in this subject so please if you can help please offer me a step by step, that would be awesome! Thank you in advance and peace and love from NZ Bret
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