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    Bradleymcwhinney got a reaction from bbarinaga in Category Page Design Customization - new 7.1 update   
    I've managed to sort the title issue, quite simple. Go to the pencil by manage items and scroll down to category title. Disable the bar.

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    Bradleymcwhinney reacted to derricksrandomviews in Where can i Change the size of product thumbnail images?   
    There are a couple of things to look at first, one is whether the auto crop is turned on if using a gallery block. The trouble with that is that it will crop a picture, cut off something you don't want in order to keep it the same size as other images. You can adjust grid size, columns,  if using one of them and if single image blocks, size them using spacers. But mixing landscape and Portrait together means picking your poison same size or something cropped. The latter you can adjust a bit using the centering control when editing the picture, in 7.0. That control shifts the center of the cropped image up or down. 
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