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  1. @Unlikely_IT Thank you very much for your time and knowledge. I was worried about this problem since last year and you solved it !
  2. @Unlikely_IT You are in HK! WOW, it seems working well !!! I have put online to test "100 colors no.29" and it works on Chrome, IE and iPhone as you can see: https://www.emmanuellemoureaux.com/100colors And it has no influence on pages already online with <br> so I do not need to write the old pages with -- Perfect ! Thank you so much Erin. emmanuelle
  3. @Unlikely_IT I forgot IE is too old, sorry.... Because put JS has an influence on already online projects in my official site, I created a page on another site : https://www.100colors.jp/titles-test/ But how can you run tests with this? Is this what you meant or you need something else?
  4. @Unlikely_IT I tried with the above JS, here are the results (I attach also the 4 corresponding screenshots) : - Chrome : index thumbnail OK / project page NOT OK (title not break) - Internet Explorer : index thumbnail and project page NOT OK (both ## appear)
  5. @Unlikely_IT Sorry to confuse you.... What you see on my live site has been made with <br> last year (before the function disappeared) so it works. I do not put LIVE new pages since last year because of this problem. So I put a test page few minutes LIVE, see how your solutions work and put it again NOT LIVE. I will prepare some screenshots. Thank you so much (I have a lot of new projects to publish but do not want because of this title problem)
  6. Thank you @Unlikely_IT, I tried and below are the results: - it works for the index gallery thumbnail titles - it works for the project page title but only in the site building page - it does not work in the real website : all the titles of all project pages disappear (no title anymore) and also the already online project titles (which worked with <br>) do not work anymore.
  7. Thank you very much. With @tuanphan good advice, it works well for index galleries thumbnail titles but not work for the moment when you click and enter the gallery.
  8. With this word it works well in the index thumbnail !!! but it does not works when you click and enter the gallery. Please see the image below.
  9. Thank you tuanphan. I tried before several times but without success. I just pasted the code as in the article but perhaps I need to change something in the code (for example is 'image-slide-title' the adequate word for Gallery title?) but I have no knowledge at all in programming.
  10. @Unlikely_IT I am trying to add the line break in between '100 colors no.28' and the name.
  11. Site URL: https://www.emmanuellemoureaux.com/ I checked all the past answers and tried everything but nothing works. I need 2 lines (a line break) for each gallery title (my galleries are inside an index). Before I was using <br> as you can see below. How can I do now? https://www.emmanuellemoureaux.com/100colors Thank you in advance.
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