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  1. Hi tuanphan, I've just updated the page to show titles below gallery images. Please see the images below "creative spotlight" as reference.
  2. Site URL: https://kargo.com/marketing-showcase-2 Hello, I currently have the meta titles for the galleries on this page https://kargo.com/marketing-showcase-2 set to display below the images. I would like to move these above the images as well as perhaps make the font a bit larger. Is this possible? Thanks in advance!
  3. following up here, I seem to have been able to resolve the issue with some code and switching all images over to a gallery block. however I'm curious if there is a way to move the gallery titles above the images (as well as increase font size) rather than displaying underneath? see new page here https://kargo.com/marketing-showcase-2
  4. Site URL: https://kargo.com/marketing-showcase Hello, I'm attempting to resolve an issue on mobile specifically for https://kargo.com/marketing-showcase The images under the sections "creative spotlight" and "in-article" are set up as a grid style gallery. This was done as sizing / alignment becomes an issue with 3 images across. However, I'd like them all to appear as stacked images on the mobile view such as in the section "get social", which are individual image blocks (4) side by side. Is there any way I can adjust the way grid style gallery appears on mobile. Or perhaps alternatively is there a better way to have the 3 images side by side as individual image blocks without having awkward sizing?
  5. This code seems to have done the trick! Thank you!!!!
  6. The video utilized in the banner at the top section, there is a mobile fallback image that flashes before the video begins that I'd like to disable
  7. Site URL: https://kargo.com/test-mb Hello, I've noticed that the mobile fallback image I've dropped into the banner area of this page shows on desktop before the video plays. Is there a way to disable this? Also, what is optimal size / aspect ratio for the mobile fallback image? I'm noticing that the currrent image is far too wide on mobile. See header are of https://kargo.com/test-mb
  8. Site URL: https://kargo.com/test-mb Hello, I was hoping someone can help me reduce the padding between each of the index pages https://kargo.com/test-mb There is a large amount of space between each H1 and I was hoping there is some css I can use to adjust the padding. Specifically on just this index if possible. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thank you @tuanphan, I'll give this a shot
  10. @tuanphan I'm hoping there is a way I can reduce the size of the image included in the slideshow that I've linked above. Is this possible?
  11. @tuanphan would you be able to help here? Thanks in advance!
  12. Site URL: https://kargo.com/featured-product hello, I'm attempting to resize the images in the gallery created on https://kargo.com/featured-product When switching to something like a carousel the images are more appropriately sized, however in their current state they are far too large and I cannot figure out how to resize this so it is better suited to the page. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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