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  1. Morning! Thanks for the reply! I would like the visitor to easily to return to the blog homepage from the blog post page. Example - on the blog post page, in addition to the option of being able to navigate to the "previous" and "next" blog posts, I would like an option of returning to the blog homepage (see image below). Once the visitor is on the blog post there is no way to return to the blog homepage unless I provide a link in the header or footer. Seems odd that isn't an option. I keep searching Site Styles and settings to see if I am missing something but it doesn't seem to be
  2. Site URL: https://www.daniellewickesjewelry.com Hi! Working in the Brine/Jaunt template and I have a question regarding the blog page/posts. When on a blog post is there a way to add navigation back to the blog page? The blog post has the arrows to go the “Previous” & “Next” blog posts, but no navigation options I can find to add a return to the blog page within the blog posts. What am I missing? Thanks in advance! Password: cre82020! Blog page: https://www.daniellewickesjewelry.com/patternstutorials Blog post: https://www.daniellewickesjewelry.com/patternstutorials/8th-p
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