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  1. Is there a difference between adding an original blog link to the "source url" section in a blog post vs. code injection of the snippet below? <link rel="canonical" href="https://example.com/blog/test-blog/" />
  2. Just one guy's opinion, but I think the most effective way for you to add this is by investing some time into learning how to work in Google Tag Manager. You can add the tag manager code to your website and from there you can setup your Google, Facebook, and other tracking pixels and events. Measure School is a great resource and they have a lot of free step-by-step tutorials on how to DIY this on Youtube.
  3. I've been doing some research and it looks like there are a few platforms that offer free options based on the number or responses you receive. If you think you'll receive less than 100 responses/month, then take a look at Google Forms, Survey Monkey, Fyrebox, or almost any other platform with a free version. All of these have options to embed directly onto your site. If you're particular about the branding of the quiz, then you'll likely have to opt-in to any of the paid version as that's usually a premium feature.
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