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  1. Site URL: https://megalodon-rose-khl5.squarespace.com/config/pages Im trying to get the play button to open a vimeo player in the lightbox style. I want this to be in the banner section but without changing the thumbnail is it possible? See page - Azendi (fashion projects folder) Password: Testingpassword
  2. Hello. Im trying to do this on my site - adding a vimeo lightbox in my header banner without changing the thumbnail. Can you advise? Im using Brine. https://megalodon-rose-khl5.squarespace.com/pages Password: Testingpassword Thanks for any help in advance.
  3. bottom.. ideally the social links are right below the other text so the footer is a thinner strip thank you kindly for your speedy responses.
  4. Sorry also... could I change the depth of the footer at all? it seems to keep it at that thickness
  5. Do I paste that in the custom css on the main bit under home > settings? thank you and font family I just type in a type name in replace of Tuan?
  6. I want to change the font family for the line where it starts with High Contrast... and then potentially have some black text in there aswell. Also the social names... could I have icons instead? like this image
  7. https://megalodon-rose-khl5.squarespace.com Password: Testingpassword
  8. Hello. Im trying to find a way of having a colour overlay appear on the hover of an image within a gallery. I dont want this effect across every single image just certain ones within a gallery. Please see the site below for reference - as you hover over a project the colour pink overlays. https://megalodon-rose-khl5.squarespace.com/ password: Testingpassword Reference - https://www.contrastcreative.co.uk/
  9. Hello, I want to alter the padding between two seperate gallery blocks on a layout page. Is this possible and if so whats the best advice? thank you
  10. Hi Tuanphan do you need to see the site to provide a code? Any ideas on how I can share that you with it still being a template
  11. https://megalodon-rose-khl5.squarespace.com Im trying to change the font style within the footer but think it would need to have custom CSS any advice?
  12. Hi Tuanphan, could I possibly ask you another question - is there away to remove the banner overlay colour just on one specific page?
  13. Thanks Tuanphan! Is there an additional code to remove the hover colour from the footer?
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