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  1. Thats so strange, I cant see it here 😞 I tried on my phone and laptop but still cant see
  2. Thank you, ut i am still not able to see the my cart item or quantity, I dont know whats going on or how to fiz it 😕 can you please help See image www.bakdshop.com 1111111111
  3. Thank you. Thom! On that page I have two block using H2, is there anyway I can make it affect only one of the blocks font? Thank you 🙂
  4. Hello guys! Can someone help me with a css code to change the style of a H2 font a specific page? I've been trying but cant figure it out. Thank you!!!
  5. Thank you!!! Can you please help me with the code to bring this message down adding padding to the beggining of the page? THank you!
  6. Thank you! I was able to add the standard information however the big lettering on the footer is still showing, and the font used to display the order information isnt the one I wanted to use, I wanted to use H2. Can you help me delete the one on the footer and edit the one with the small font on the top?
  7. It only says ORDER CONFIRMED, there is no information 😕
  8. Here it is https://www.bakdshop.com/checkout/order-confirmed?oid=5ddc6c59b0ae67268af5c90a&authCode=NWRkYzZjNTliMGFlNjcyNjhhZjVjOTBhOjIwMTktMTEtMjZUMDA6MDU6NDUuMDkyWg7FgvAiBEYVXJAWrI_IHmNPFdRghReCgJhNf8on0LeP
  9. Hello! Can someone please help me with my order confirmation page? I am losing my mind because I am not getting it right All I need is for it to say Your order has been confirmed and the the order details. Right now it s all over the place 😞 SOmeone please help https://www.bakdshop.com/ 1111111111
  10. Hey! I am Sorry, Here it is https://www.bakdshop.com/checkout/order-confirmed?oid=5ddc662faf35fa2772f23048&authCode=NWRkYzY2MmZhZjM1ZmEyNzcyZjIzMDQ4OjIwMTktMTEtMjVUMjM6Mzk6MjcuMzEyWn5Jm8V4byI0LatmcZyxQkLN842Aa39W386vjTcx4DUq
  11. Hello, Can someone help me with this? Im trying to change the font on these product pages without affecting the rest of the website. Can someone help? The font im trying to chnage is the small reading one Its my P font Thank you! https://www.bakdshop.com/shopholiday/pencil-plant-aswfx
  12. Hello! I need someones help wot this : Is there a way I could hide an image block when Displaying on mobile?
  13. Hello! Is it possible to increase the letter size on MOBILE without affecting the Desktop? I have the word SWEET her on MAX SIZE for desktop but when It goes to MOBILE it s way too small 😞 Can anyone help? https://www.bakdshop.com/ 1111111111
  14. Hello all I need help changing the image URL as it shows square space name on it instead of my domain, any sugestions on how I can get it changed? Thank you! https://www.bakdshop.com/ https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5c0afec45cfd793029a24b0b/t/5dd89128460bea3944196f10/1574474033143/BakdHolidays_20.pdf Password 1111111111
  15. Hello, all I am having some difficulties getting my template right, can you please help me found a solution for my issue? I need to change the size of my confirmation page font because it is too small right now making it impossible to read, also the title where it says "order confirmed" has a total different format than my website design. I would appreciate your help if you could answer this. Heres a link to the check out page https://www.bakdshop.com/checkout/order-confirmed?oid=5ddaea4daf35fa2772f0b471&authCode=NWRkYWVhNGRhZjM1ZmEyNzcyZjBiNDcxOjIwMTktMTEtMjRUMjA6Mzg6MzcuMDQxWkHu5mVF7kf3bf9X-UZzYMmcnmqPl2nZUoClkfPv4su- Password is 1111111111 Thank you so Much!
  16. Thank you! The code worked perfectly! Font Sizer > As you can see its overlapping and oversized, I wanted it to follow the same style as the rest of the website Not responsive > The shopping cart page wont respond to the screen size when I make the window small or bigger Space Between the items on cart > The space between the items on cart art to far it makes the cart looks gigante, I wanted to reduce the padding all together. Tk you!
  17. OOps, Sorry. Here it is 1111111111 Cart URL: https://bison-bronze-wg43.squarespace.com/cart Tks
  18. Hello @tuanphan How are you? Ive tried to do the same on my site but it wont let me change nothing on the cart page. 😕 I am also trying edit the style of the order confirmed page because its coming out all messed up on my customers end. Can you help me?
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