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  1. Can you tell me that script code ? I cannot make it 'optional' by any code?
  2. Site URL: https://soulfoodkitchen360.squarespace.com/new-products/seafood-boil-platter If you option page https://soulfoodkitchen360.squarespace.com/new-products/seafood-boil-platter You will see two products options (fields), How to make these product fields as 'OPTIONAL' as if customer don't wanna select anything from fields , he should go ahead and be able to 'add to cart' and not be forced to select anything. What custom code should i add? You can tell me for one field and tell me the way , i will do for others Please see image , it will explain more. Please help me in this case i really need this done urgently. Appreciate your help Thank you
  3. Hello SquareSpace experts, Hope you all will be fine My website is really decent at desktop view.But it has some issues in mobile view.There is a lot of white space between the sections that i want to reduce.Do you have any idea how can i reduce that.I am attaching some screenshots too.Is there a generic method or code that i can reduce this white space only on mobile.I don't want to disturb desktop view. This is my website https://www.sailingislander.com/ Thanks
  4. @tuanphan It worked :) .Thank you so much .One last question . If I have to do this for another page , for example 'celebrity' page, what changes i have to do with code ?Do i need to replace '.homepage' with '.celebrity' or what ?Thank you so much !!!
  5. My question is very simple.I have installed Flatiron template on my site.Site link is https://emilynnrose.squarespace.com.i am attaching a screenshot of home page with squarespace dashboard.What i want is to create space between pictures of home page. These pictures are actually gallery pages.Please see picture then you will have a better idea.Please if someone can help me with code .Thanks in Advance !
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