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  1. Jacob: the earlier links did not work, but this one did: https://www.paulacastillo.co/seo-and-analytics-blog/google-tag-manager-squarespace.
  2. We are trying to use this piece of script code on our site <script id="EventsWidgetScript" type="text/javascript" src="https://www.`showclix`.com/js/events_widget.js"> </script> I am using the Embed Content Block. it works fine on desktop/laptop displays but gets very wonky on phones. The biggest problem is that as you advance in the embedded app, it advances to a weird spot, keeps moving lower and lower. You can test it at these temp page, one with text and images and one with nothing but the embedded code:https://www.intothedarksf.com/showclix-tix3 https://www.intoth
  3. HI. I tried the code to change the color, which worked, but the size of the footer expanded. Do you know how to fix the size while changing the color?
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