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  1. @creedon I actually haven't done anything since creating this post but the background is still blue on my end. On your browser, do you see the thick underlines when hovering on the header & footer links? I added CSS codes for this and it shows on my Chrome, but again, not on my safari 😕
  2. Site URL: https://arrowgtp.squarespace.com site pw: 0000 I'm on version 7.1. Is it possible to change the background color of the scroll bar? When I view the site on Safari, the background color is blue but I'd like it to be white. However, on Chrome it is white. Thank you!!
  3. No need, I figured it out! Thank you for checking though!
  4. Site URL: https://domainstud.io/blog Hi all, I've set up my site styles so that the blog page only shows the post's thumbnail photo. However, when I check the mobile view, the thumbnail is not there. Any way to fix this? Thank you!!
  5. hi @tuanphan I added the code you provided above into my CSS But the button is left aligned and not centering with the text above of it. Do you know how to fix it? Site: https://beautybydannie.com/testing Thank you!
  6. Of course! I’m glad you found it helpful!
  7. Oooh yes, please! I’ve been optimizing for tablet, but it looks more squished on your screen than on mine.
  8. @tuanphan thank you! that worked perfectly.
  9. @tuanphan this is what I have in my CSS right now: .form-wrapper input { width: 375px; height: 2px; background-color:rgba(255,255,255,0) !important; color: #fff !important; }
  10. Site URL: https://luxuryelements.design/contact Hello everyone, I have two forms, one on the Contact Us page, and one in the footer. I've added custom css so that the footer's form input text is white, however, that also affected the form on the Contact Us page. How can I edit JUST the form in the Contact Us page so that the input text is black? Thanks!
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