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  1. If you change the form name that will show up after "Form Submission - " in the email subject. So it will look like "Form Submission - XXXXXXXX". Otherwise you're only option is to use the Zapier integration like @paul2009 suggested.
  2. Just curious. Why did you make it 767px instead of 640px?
  3. Hey, sorry about the delayed response. For some reason I didn't see that you had responded. I don't know if I can share a link for you to look at. I'm in the process of redesign my site and changing templates so everything I see is the preview of the new template (7.0 brine). Here is the markdown code I'm using... <span style="font-family:Calluna; font-size:3.3em;">Text Goes Here</span> I'm just not quite sure how to tweak your code below. @media screen and (max-width:640px) { h2 span {font-size: 10px !important;} } Let me know. Really appreciate it!
  4. @StudioRhodes did you ever get an answer to the above question? I have the same one. Let me know.
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