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  1. https://radish-halibut-wakp.squarespace.com/portfolio-master/0rqtzwtruebgh35ogjr2fnqtb4i0vc Password: sept20 How can I make an image in that blog post full width?
  2. I was considering just making all poster images full bleed, so I didn't have to deal with javascript could control it that way. Maybe then I could get away with just custom CSS. Any ideas?
  3. But isn't is for the entire post, making all of the text full width, too? I just want to make the image full width. I don't see a content width on the individual image block.
  4. I have a similar question. I'd like for tags to display at the top of the blog post. Is this possible?
  5. As you said, the help page says you can't move sub pages. I find this to be very limiting. You also can't duplicate portfolios, only sub pages. I was going to use portfolio pages on the site I'm redoing, but I might just use blog posts instead of portfolio sub pages, because then you can put summary blocks anywhere. Blog pages seem to be more flexible. Plus I'm looking to re-use sub pages across pages, so I can use categories for that. By the way, I love musical theatre, so I enjoyed seeing your site.
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