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  1. They are fine on desktop, however always expanded on mobile. Thank you for the response!
  2. Real deal breaker for me, can somebody help me? If this is impossible, is there a template that does this?
  3. No, I just want the site to look like the second image (mobile.jpg) all of the time
  4. @tuanphan https://answers.squarespace.com/questions/284721/i-would-like-my-site-to-always-show-the-mobile-ver.html
  5. Theme: Wells I would like to force my site to show the mobile menu, even when displaying on desktop. Is this possible? I have included two images below, the first is my desktop version and the second is the mobile version. Thank you!
  6. It isn't live yet – I shall post as a new question with images. Thanks so much
  7. Essentially I always want my mobile version of my website to load, even in desktop
  8. Amazing. So quick in your response. Do you know how to make the mobile menu show even on desktop resolution?
  9. Hey, I am looking to change the word 'Menu' to the word 'Teams' on the mobile version of my Wells site. Is this possible? All the best, Jack
  10. Amazing! I have sorted it, cleared my custom CSS and inserted again and it worked. Thanks so much. Just need to sort the padding at top and bottom now. Are the CSS terms top and bottom?
  11. Thanks for the response Tuanphan! However does not seem to work.
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