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  1. Site URL: https://bkwagsandwhiskers.squarespace.com/ Trying to increase the size of the logo and center it. Help, please? https://bkwagsandwhiskers.squarespace.com/
  2. Hey @tuanphan! I want to decrease the space between the logo and the nav. Essentially, I want the nav items to be closer to the logo on each side. Take a look at the screenshot
  3. I'm working on this site: wearecuriousfoxes.squarespace.com password is wearecuriousfoxes There's a huge amount of space that I would like to decrease between the nav and the logo. Anyone know how to go about it? Thanks!
  4. I'm working on this site: https://jacqueline-misla.squarespace.com The home page and Expertise (https://jacqueline-misla.squarespace.com/expertise) page are both using Poster Image Blocks. I'd like to center the text on the Image Blocks on the Expertise page while keeping them left aligned on the home page. Can anyone help?
  5. @tuanphan Worked wonderfully! Thank you so much.
  6. I looked around on Answers and wasn't able to find an answer. I'm looking to add an overlay to the banner on this page only. https://craftingyourpath.squarespace.com/about Can anyone help, please?
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