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  1. Yo dawg, Squarespace uses LayoutEngine which is the system used to place blocks on a page. This system is automatically set up to stack blocks when the browser window shrinks, and obviously stacks them one after another on mobile. Because this system is automatic, there is not a way to rearrange the order on mobile. It is also not recommended to add custom code to modify LayoutEngine in any way.
  2. I've gone ahead and updated the code to include vendor prefixes.
  3. Yo Dawg, You can use CSS to achieve this: le CSS .bounce { position:fixed; left:50%; bottom:0; margin-top:-25px; margin-left:-25px; height:50px; width:50px; background:red; -webkit-animation:bounce 1s infinite; -moz-animation:bounce 1s infinite; -o-animation:bounce 1s infinite; animation:bounce 1s infinite; } @-webkit-keyframes bounce { 0% { bottom:0px; } 50% { bottom:15px; } 100% {bottom:30;} } @-moz-keyframes bounce { 0% { bottom:0px; } 50% { bottom:15px; } 100% {bottom:30;} } @-o-keyframes bounce { 0% { bot
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