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  1. Thank you @kenwestphal ! Problem solved!
  2. Thanks so much for the code @kenwestphal ! Much appreciated! When I click the "Close" link it jumps the page back up to the top. Is there a way to have the close link work the same as the "x" in the upper right, so the page stays where it is when you close the pop-up rather than jump to the top? My site is here, and I have the Close link at the bottom of the first "LEARN MORE" popup in the "Therapeutic Pipeline" section. (temporary password is "chrono2017") Thank you!
  3. @kenwestphal you mentioned in the comment above that you would post how to add a button/link to close the Lightbox in another post, but I can't find it. Would you please provide a link to the post? Thank you!
  4. Hi @BrandonW. I hope you're doing great! I just posted a similar question here.I would be extremely grateful if you might take a look.
  5. Thank you all for this great thread! I followed it and it's working almost perfectly on my site. The problem I'm having is in portrait mobile mode (I'm using an iPhone 5s to test). In landscape the mobile view looks great, but in portrait view the right side of the lightbox is clipped off, which includes the close button in the upper right. Has anyone come across this before? Does anyone have a fix? Thank you in advance! UPDATE: I figured out that the problem is HTML tables. Tables don't work properly on the smaller smartphone screens, so avoid them in the lightboxes.
  6. @morena: I had this problem and someone in another thread said Squarespace changed the settings a bit so you have to select "show title" in the gallery block.
  7. Someone on another thread figured it out: Squarespace changed something so that you now have to explicitly set the "show title" option in the gallery block.
  8. @regalpeach: I'm struggling to get the title to come up. Were you able to fix this for your landscape images?
  9. @HeartAndDash: you are so awesome for posting the code. Thank you! I'm seeing a lot of comments from people that the titles are no longer appearing! @emca closed the thread where you posted your fabulous answer, but something's not right with the code (per a bunch of comments) and if you can't post a reply there, maybe here?
  10. This code was awesome, but the titles have stopped appearing. I'm seeing this comment about titles no longer appearing a lot on various related threads. Does anyone know how to get the titles to appear again? @bri nicole, I noticed this is happening on your site too (which is otherwise an awesome site!!!). :-( Thanks in advance!
  11. @heartandash, I'm having the same issue as @flurryjung and @morena. The fade works perfectly on roll-over, but the titles are gone! Any ideas for what's changed and how we can fix it? I saw that your site is still working. My site is blackhouseflowers.com. The nine images on the home page should all have text show up on rollover. Thank you in advance!
  12. Wow @BrandonW. You are truly amazing. Thank you so, so much. The code works perfectly! I am extremely grateful.
  13. Thanks for the reminder about the risk of using custom code. I understand that SquareSpace never recommends futzing with their defaults. However, I'd love to see if someone in the community knows how to make this happen, since lots of people seem to have similar questions.
  14. Lots of folks have asked a similar question in different ways and there don't seem to be answers posted, so I figured I'd try again. This community is such an amazing resource! I am wondering if there is a way to use CSS to swap the order of blocks in mobile view so that you can specify some blocks to stack right to left rather than the standard left to right. So something like: @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) { //identify blocks you want to swap and change their order } My site is fh-partners.squarespace.com. Here's what I want to do specifically (on the team page): I really like my desktop arrangement, which is: <1 picture> <2 text> <3 text> <4 picture> Ideally I would like my mobile view to be arranged: <1 picture> <2 text> <4 picture> <3 text> But squarespace goes left to right so it ends up as: <1 picture> <2 text> <3 text> <4 picture> Is there css to swap blocks 3 and 4 in the mobile view? Thank you in advance!
  15. I figured out how to match the body font and figured I'd post here for others. Use this as the code block to create the lightbox: <div style="display:none;"> <div id="bio-john"> <p>bio text here</p> </div> </div> <a href="#" data-featherlight="#bio-john" data-featherlight-variant="fixwidth">Full Bio</a> Then add this in your custom CSS (where the font styling matches your body text... you can copy and past your own font styling by using "web inspector" and searching for your primary font name until you find the block for regular body font): .fixwidth .featherlight-content { font-family: "proxima-nova", "Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif !important; font-weight: 400 !important; font-style: normal !important; font-size: 16px !important; color: rgba(26,26,26,0.7) !important; letter-spacing: 0px !important; line-height: 1.6em !important; }
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