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  1. I did the following and it worked. .BlogItem-pagination-link--prev {display: none;} .BlogItem-pagination-link--next {display: none;}
  2. Would you know how to change the color of the fonts used in the 'previous' and 'next' links in the lower section of each blog post?
  3. I have this issue where only on Safari I can nudge the content to the left with the content on the edge moved out of the browser window. In an effort to reduce the content to the bear minimum, I created the following page with no header, no footer and just a simple text block (sorry for the dark on dark - but it is readable). If you view this page on Safari, you can move it to the left so that the first two letters of the sentence leave the browser window. How can I stop that from happening? Here is the test page I'm using https://www.pfiphoto.com/test2 Thanks.
  4. Just wondering if anyone can assist in finding a solution to this problem. Thanks.
  5. I want just the page background changed to white for just one specific page. The header and footer background colors are to remain at current system settings. Can't send link right now since site is PW protected so search engines can't see it (for now).
  6. I have site-wide page color set to #323232, but I need just one page to have a background of white. Header/footer to remain unchanged from system setting. I am using Harris template. I've tried a lot of CSS and header injection with no luck. All ideas appreciated. Thanks.
  7. I have two blocks side by side acting as two columns side by side filled with text in each one. I use a site background that is not white (#323232), the columns/blocks in this case are set to white (#ffffff). At various sizes of browser scaling, one of the columns gets shorter/longer than the other due to the text scaling in the blocks and then the dark site background shows through. You can see it below right when the browser size is scaled smaller. If I keep making the browser smaller the dark space may then flip to the other column.
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