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  1. Hey all, It’s Black Friday coming and tons of interesting offers are on their way too. In order not to miss anything, I suggest collecting here everything that may be of use on Squarespace website. How do you like the idea? It will be great if someone supports me. I would like to know what services you use and also subscribe, but with discount 😈 PS. I'll start first: BLACKFRIDAY2019 - 50% coupon for https://elfsight.com/ PSS. @danieljs can you help with putting this initiative forward? So that more people could see and share their offers.
  2. Hello!Have you tried to use special widgets for adding videos? If you haven’t, check this out: https://elfsight.com/facebook-feed-widget/. It is fully customizable widget and it allows to display any type of content from Facebook. You should definitely take a look at it.
  3. For your purposes, I would recommend you to try out Google Maps widget by Elfsight: https://elfsight.com/google-maps-widget/. You can create as many markers as you want for your map, change the style of every icon and add one of the three animation types. At the same setup page, you can add description, picture and basic info (address, site, phone number, email and working hours) for each location. In the picture below you can see the example with Silver color scheme (I think this color will look especially good on your site). Hope, it helps! If you have any questions, I’m here to answer.
  4. Hi, @Riddletag ! I think, our Store Locator, based on Google map will be the solution for you: https://elfsight.com/google-maps-widget (try out the demo). This widget will allow you to: put unique markers, set routs, customize the map (change colors, layout, and elements), create cards for your markers and many more. Here is the example special for you: The widget is suitable for any screen resolutions and will look great on any devise. It is also very easy to add Google Map widget to your website. You can do it in three steps: Create your personal Google Map; After you are done, you will get several lines of code. Copy it; Integrate the widget into the right place and publish the edits. That is all! Hope it helps. Good luck with your project!
  5. Hello everyone, Many of the solutions above don’t work, or are very outdated and misleading. There are lots of recent high quality products that work with Facebook. For example, you can check out this online demo to feel the difference in comparison with the old widgets: https://elfsight.com/facebook-feed-widget/ . The installation of any widget consists of the following points: Confugre a Facebook Feed for yourwebsite; Get the code; Install the code to a page or to thewebsite’s theme. Find out more in this tutorial: https://elfsight.com/help/how-to-add-facebook-feed-to-squarespace/ (it’s a tutorial specifically for Squarespace websites).
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