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  1. Thank you @kenwestphal . I've just added them in but it didn't seem to change anything? :(
  2. Sorry @kenwestphal - me again! Now I'm having this ^ problem :/ When I move stuff around in edit mode It all seems fine, but when I'm done It stacks all of the boxes up. I've attached a picture of how it looks in edit more and when I hit done. Here's the link to my site https://sim-zuk-zrdc.squarespace.com/services#services-1 Please help! Thank you :)
  3. It's all sorted now @kenwestphal. I had some other code in the header and I think that's what was affecting it. Thank you though :)
  4. Hi there! Thank you so much for the code @kenwestphal! It works perfectly for me! I just have one question, when the pop up box appears and I close it - it pops up again. So I ultimately need to close it twice. Do you know what could be causing this? Thank you :)
  5. Thank you so much for that @octopus! :D Half of my website is in English! That's why I had to do it the long way, but thank you for the code, I will use it another time I'm sure :)
  6. All you have to do is instead of creating a text block, create a MARKDOWN (see screenshot), then paste in this code: <div dir="rtl"> Then write/paste in your text. This should now enable Right-To-Left alignment. Hope it helps/works :)
  7. Hi everyone, I am currently working on a website in Arabic and have come across a few problems along the way XD. One of which was that Squarespace does not support Right-To-Left text feature. So when I pasted in the Arabic text, all of the punctuation was automatically formatted and moved to the right hand side - messing up the flow of the sentence by putting full stops in the middle of a sentence and not ending the sentences with punctuation. I contacted Squarespace customer service but they couldn't help me with code. And I couldn't find anything on here either... SO I thought, I'd post
  8. Hi @BrandonW I am sorry you must be sick of this! But I'd reaaaally appreciate it if you could have a look at my site? I am creating a site for an Omani Women's charity and I'm experiencing the same problem. https://sim-zuk-7r39.squarespace.com/our-objectives-a/ It's in Arabic and Arabic reads Right-To-Left. So on desktop text box number 1 has to be on the right hand side whilst number 2 on the left and so on... This is fine for the desktop version, but on mobile it stacks it up and orders it in a way that doesn't make sense anymore (2,1,4,3,6,5). Thank you sooooo much in advanceSim
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