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  1. @RyanDejaegherI was wondering if you could still help with this. I actually decided to remove the pink squiggle line as I couldn't get it to work. But I am trying to get the image of the A frame cabin to work overlapping into the section below. I currently have this code.... //desktop negative margin: spotlight// [data-section-id="5ee3890941a7fb71eb09acab"] { z-index: 3; .content { margin-bottom: -200px;} & + section { padding-top: 100px; } } and similar for mobile, but this makes the text on the left hand side move down with it, is there any way to just have the image overlap? Thank you so much!
  2. This is what I am seeing, the spacing is good on the desktop but lots more space on iPad. Thanks!
  3. Site URL: https://bernardandhawkes.com/the-library Hey, I had removed a lot of the inbuilt padding on my desktop site with this code.... [data-section-id="xxxxxx"] > .content-wrapper { padding-bottom: 0 !important;} Which has worked really well, but the padding is still there on mobile and iPad, anyone know how do I make the css specific enough that it works on all devices? I thought it would translate across all screens as I hadn't specified just desktop! Thanks!
  4. Thanks! I am actually having a nightmare with this section because of the overlapping image below it as well! e
  5. Hi Ryan, do you mean a screenshot of the page in edit mode? Thanks
  6. Thank you so much for the quick response! This is what happened when I added the code...It moved it down onto the image, would I just need to tweak it to sit at the top of the whole section? Thanks!
  7. Site URL: https://bernardandhawkes.com/the-library Hi, Just wondering how I would go about getting the pink squiggly line to always be positioned at the top of the section, like you can see in the bottom screenshot below. Top screenshot is what is currently happening on the site. Thanks!
  8. Thank you! I had not thought about tackling it that way! Thank you!
  9. Site URL: https://bernardandhawkes.com/the-library https://bernardandhawkes.com/the-library Hi, In the "Meet The Contributors" section (towards the end of the page) the 3rd image has a pattern behind it, it's saved as a transparent png, the two other images were aligning with the top of the pattern not the top of the image how I wanted it to. I added some padding on the other 2 images to get them to align and it does on one screen size, but if you make it smaller or larger they go out of line, Is there any way to have them aligned whatever the screen size? Thanks!
  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I don't know that I would have ever figured that out! Is that min-height: unset a common thing? I had tried min-height at a zero value but no joy!
  11. @ryandejaegher Yes! I have tried a few things and couldn't get it to work.
  12. @jpeterThank you so much! Do you also have any idea how I can make sit at the bottom of the page? Thank you!
  13. Site URL: https://bernardandhawkes.com/the-library Hi, Does anyone know how I get this instagram block to be full width and at the bottom of the page in place of a footer? https://bernardandhawkes.com/the-library I tried this code but it made everything full width... .page-section.vertical-alignment--middle:not(.content-collection):not(.gallery-section).section-height--medium>.content-wrapper { padding: 0px;}
  14. Just wondering if anyone knows how to achieve what I asked above? Thanks!
  15. Thank you @tuanphan! This is looking perfect on Desktop, is there a way to have it stacked on mobile and iPad with the copy first?
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