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  1. Site URL: http://www.kleindinst.at Hello! This is my website. When I look at the responsive mode of an iPad in landscape mode the menu (Work, About, Contact) has two rows, but there would be enough space for these three words in one row. It is not possible to change anything in the template settings (Template: Flores) and I also added some code to the website but if I take it out the menu behaves the same way - so it's not the custom code I added that makes the issue. Can you suggest any solution for this? 1. To enlarge the width of this space in general that everything is in one row. or 2. To make no text appear in the mobile view at all and switch to the menu icon with the three stripes directly? Thanks in advance, Anna
  2. YEEESSS!!!!! If anyone is interested, this is the code I used: -------------------------------- html, body { cursor: url(http://test.kleindinst.at/cursor_medium.png), auto; [Comment: For the standard cursor] } a:hover { cursor: url(http://test.kleindinst.at/cursor_medium_stripes2.png), auto !important; [Comment: For links in general] } input { cursor: url(http://test.kleindinst.at/cursor_medium_stripes2.png), auto !important; [Comment: For the small text fields of the form] } textarea { cursor: url(http://test.kleindinst.at/cursor_medium_stripes2.png), auto !important; [Comment: For the larger text fields of the form] } .sqs-system-button { cursor: url(http://test.kleindinst.at/cursor_medium_stripes2.png),auto !important; [Comment: For all buttons] } -------------------------------- Thanks a lot for helping me out!! 🙂
  3. Thank you so much for answering!! It is perfect in the lightbox form now. (If you click "Say Hello!" in the bottom right corner.) No text arrow anymore – great! But if you watch the website now you can see that there is still a pointer if you put the cursor over the "Say Hello" button. And what is gone too is the changing cursor over the Menu area (Work, About,...) - Which worked before I used the current code. Current code: -------------------------------- * { cursor: url(http://test.kleindinst.at/cursor.png), auto; [Comment: If I write "!important" here and delete it in the a:hover section my custom cursor is all over but there is no hover effect at all] } a:hover { cursor: url(http://test.kleindinst.at/cursor_overlay.png), auto !important; } -------------------------------- All I want to have is the same cursor everywhere that changes just over any kind of link. I feel like there are different categories for links. (Sometimes it works over an image but not in the menu, sometimes it works on buttons, but not over a gallery, etc.) Flores is the template I use. Thank you so much for reading til the end! :-) Anna
  4. This works very well - thanks a lot! But 1. The cursor over a link is jumping back to the standard hand symbol. 2. The cursor over a Text-field does the same and jumps back to the standard text cursor icon. You can check this out on www.kleindinst.at (All buttons open as form). Can anyone suggest a solution? Best, Anna
  5. Hello. I made a fixed-navigation header with this code: ----- .site-header { position: fixed; z-index: 10000; width: 100% } .Site-inner { padding-top: 100px; } ----- (The fat text "site-header" is the header class name defined in your template and should work for everybody.) But if you checkout my website for instance https://www.kleindinst.at/dataprotection or the picture attached you can see that it's only the font that is fixed. I would like to have a black background full width behind the header text that overlaps the rest of the website-content when I am scrolling. It would be great if someone could help out. My template is "Flores". Best, Anna
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