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Can I organize my checkbox form to avoid scrolling too much?


All of the options are on top of each other and since there are a lot of options, I’m forced to scroll a lot when viewing the form. I’d like it so that the options appear next to each other or in a less vertical fashion.

So instead of:


I would like:

OPTION1          OPTION2          OPTION3OPTION4          OPTION5


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Here's a start on this. Add the following code to either the css injection point for each page, or do it in the site-wide css (but note, it will affect all checkboxes on your site, if there are others outside of those forms).

   padding-right: 20px;
   line-height: 1.5em;

   padding-bottom: 6px;

That gets them listed horizontally instead of vertically, but they look a little messy. I'm not sure on the best way to format them from that point on, but perhaps someone else has some ideas.

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Hi, for my form on www.thechampionskch.com/register, I would like to incorporate the concept that's trying to be worked here. How do I go about doing so.


Fresh graduate! Gonna be doing social work for a few years before moving into the IT industry.

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