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Is it possible to fix the width of a text block?

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It is possible, at the moment your text box is set to be 50% width (6 column of a 12 column grid) until it detects a mobile screen.

If you didn't wish to scale you would just set a fixed width value to it, ie. 500pxor you would use media queries to change the width at specific browser sizes.

edit: adding code up here

    .sqs-block-content p {max-width:300px;}

@media only screen and (max-width:640px) {
   .sqs-block-content p {max-width:100%!important;}

change the values to whatever you need

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How would I set a fixed width value? Do I need to inject code?

I'm sorry if this is dumb question; I am not sure if I am missing something, but with Squarespace 7 the only way I can find to adjust a block's width is when you place another block beside it and use the handle to scale them.

Thank you for the quick response!

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I would just like to assign it a fixed width of probably 300 pixels.

I am also looking to control this with future text blocks on the site how are you targeting the div( or squarespace equivalent)?

Thanks again

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This styling will be site-wide, if you use Custom CSS, or page specific if posted into your page > advanced > header injection area

first bit is the text box, second is a media query that makes it 100% wide on mobiles.

Posted into the answer, if you're using chrome, you can find out which element has what name, by right clicking on something and hitting 'inspect element'

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Thank you! The code worked for the site wide approach! But, for some reason it failed when I put it in the page specific header injection area?

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