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  1. Thank you! The code worked for the site wide approach! But, for some reason it failed when I put it in the page specific header injection area?
  2. I would just like to assign it a fixed width of probably 300 pixels. I am also looking to control this with future text blocks on the site how are you targeting the div( or squarespace equivalent)? Thanks again
  3. How would I set a fixed width value? Do I need to inject code? I'm sorry if this is dumb question; I am not sure if I am missing something, but with Squarespace 7 the only way I can find to adjust a block's width is when you place another block beside it and use the handle to scale them. Thank you for the quick response!
  4. I am using the supply template and the text blocks auto-scale with the width of the browser. Is it possible for spacer blocks and image blocks to adjust for the browser scaling (remain full width) and the text block to remain a consistent or max width? http://www.dillonjamesrobertson.com/
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