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My client is asking if we can move her scheduling/payment software from Acuity to 17Hats. I'm not necessarily opposed to this, but want to know if anyone else is using 17Hats and what your experience with it has been. Thank you!

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Hi Judy, I use 17hats and Acuity together - at first I used 17hats scheduling tool but they haven't developed it much so it's not the best and I find it's missing some key features that I look for in a scheduling tool. An example of this is when someone books a call, they can do it in their time zone but the confirmation email that sends out is in your time zone and I checked with support, they confirmed there is no way to change this - it caused a lot of missed meeting for me.

As for payment, I love 17hats for this!

My set up is I use Acuity for scheduling and then once someone books a call, the confirmation email they receive has a link to a questionnaire so I can gather details about their business before our call which then also gets them automatically added as a 'lead' in my 17hats account

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