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Squarespace 7.1: Beginner struggling with 7.1 ...

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Site URL: https://daisy-sunfish-3jsa.squarespace.com/config/pages/5f8c43dd63b478477e5f3e6b

I'm trying to create a Photography Portfolio website. I started a while ago and struggled in frustration with Squarespace 7.0 (some templates not supporting some features for no apparent reason etc.), and find the one-template concept in squarespace 7.1 a much better approach. However, while there are some good things about squarespace for this purpose, I seem to be hitting basic limitations pretty quickly.

1. Uploading images so they can be "re-used" easily across the site. I find as I set up Portfolio pages, and change my mind about navigation etc. - if I create a new "Project" under a different "Portfolio", I end up re-uploading all the images again. I see there are images in "imported items" (from earlier attempts), but it seems that I have to click them individually one-by-one and add them. some of my earlier attempts were full-sized resolution images, so I want to avoid using them. Is there any way to upload and logically group photos so that **the group** can be selected in one go in display elements like Galleries etc. ? Also for "orphaned" images in the "imported" section, is there any way to see if these are currently referenced from any "live" galleries, and to delete them if not ? What if I delete an image that *is* used in a live display, will it just break the link ?

It seems like it would be whole lot easier if photographers could upload images into the "back-end" of the site in "folders" or groups of some sort, and just *refer* to those when laying out the site.

2.  Nested Portfolios I like the "Portfolio" concept - essentially a visual index in to a list of "Projects" (each of which contains a gallery of images). However, I have more images in certain areas, and I would like to create a "Portfolio" page where some of the "Project" images lead to a gallery, and some of them - where I have more content - lead to another Portfolio .  I can't seem to find a way to nest Portfolios. Any suggestions, or does this approach just mean that the hierarchy of content have to be the same depth in each area ?

3. Possibility to "move" Projects between Portfolios ? This harks back to #1 I think - I can't seem to find a way to re-structure the site organisation by re-allocation projects to a different "Portfolio" page, other than set it all up again under the other Portfolio. Is there something I'm missing here ?

4. Deep button links to individual projects, not just top level "Pages".  I tried adding a General Page with Buttons to link to specific galleries, but it seems the "clickthrough" URL can only be directed at top level "Pages" in the navigation hierarchy - unless I target the full URL of the deeper gallery I want to navigate to. For example, I can make a button navigate to the "Colour Photography" portfolio on my website, but not to an individual "Project" within that portfolio.

5. A little bit too much "blank space" between elements on the page. [Edit] Just seeing this now - there seems to be a lot of blank space below the site header (menu is in a small font, and the logo is not too deep)... and the next element on the page (A "Project" /gallery of images. I've set the "section height" to the absolute minimum ("S"), but there is still a lot of wasted space & can't seem to find any way of reducing it further. It means the images tend to be cut off down the page. 

Squarespace 7.1 seems like there is a lot of time & effort into it from a visual perspective, but not enough thought given to the logical structure and functionality of the sites being worked on. I think some more thought & improvements to further separate out the content organisation/ structure from the display on the website would help.

Other the other hand, from a display perspective, it seems mostly OK - although it seems that when it works it is great, but there are often scenarios that you have to ask "why does it insist on that", or "why not let me decide XXX" etc. - ie. great functionality, but lacking in flexibility.

Is this the general experience that others have, or am I missing something ? I don't accept that frustration like this with a website builder is inevitable - there is of course a tradeoff in flexibility versus simplicitly.... But a lack of flexibilty creates complications in itself - I it just seems like the balance is not quite right yet.


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i too am struggling with 7.1 - been at it for days ... you tube i am watching has things on it my squarespace chosen site does not.  now i hear 7.0 is better supported.  so frustrating.

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The array of videos and guides is bewildering for both 7 and 7.1. I can find the answer to every question but the one I have in under a minute. An interface that made the page you are working on prominent, with editing/formatting options available along the side or bottom or top would simplify most of the problems I have (yes, sounds like any of the image editors). I am going to keep trying for awhile but with no progress on my site over the past two days I can already see the end.

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Hey, @mwatts!

If you are having issues editing your site, you may benefit from reaching out to the support team:

Squarespace Support

What you are describing isn't expected behavior, so they should be able to assist with that. 

The issue you’re seeing might actually be related to your browser. Browsers can cause a variety of display and editing errors on a site. To rule out the browser as the cause of the issue, try the troubleshooting steps listed in this guide:

Browser troubleshooting

Hope this helps!

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Every time I run into trouble I search through the video topics, of which there are many. I never have luck solving my problem of the day and always have to contact support. I am approaching the conclusion that this service is not for me. Nothing works the way I expect and it is time consuming to  sift through tutorials and then text for help. That's why I am looking for alternatives. I appreciate the effort to provide the tutorials but the interface is incomprehensible to me. One problem and solution leads to the next in short order. Squarespace will likely be glad to see me move on.

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