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Syncing Dropbox with Squarespace

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I created folder of images in Dropbox that I want to publish on Squarespace. I am designing a website via a template on Squarespace. ousbookstjohns is the name of my site. I uploaded a folder inside the ousbookstjohns and I want to upload that folder to Squarespace. This is the path in Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/home/Apps/Squarespace/ousbookstjohns

I am trying to publish the folder inside ousbookstjohns to Squarespace. I linked the Dropbox account to Squarespace. If I click Publish to Squarespace, it is giving me the error below: a home directory corresponding to this site could not be located:{} How do I solve this?

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Dropbox is really doing a great job when it comes to file sharing. However, I noticed that there's a lot of changes happening in the document collection space at the moment, more especially for small businesses like mine needing a way to be in control. We're using Clust a similar app with a lot more functionality like Document requests, custom client portal, due dates, automatic reminders, approval of files, messaging and more. so check my post on https://www.joshdriod.com/aol-mail-sign-in/ AOL Mail Sign In</a> If you need a fresh mail experience

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