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inserting a link to additional info on product page

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I'm using the Product page "additional information" to place a Chinese version of my product information (same info as main section, but in a different language). I would like to have a link at the top of my product info that would jump directly to the Chinese version, for those customers who prefer that. I understand that when they look at the product page they can scroll down to the Chinese section, but I'm worried that they might not see it, so a link will alert them and be convenient for them. Thank you for your expertise!

Also I'd love to add a "Share" button on the each product page so customer's could easily what'sapp us and say "I want to know more". We use what'sapp constantly to communicate with our customers. 


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It sounds like you need to use an anchor link.

So in the main product description I would add a piece of text that says Chinese Version or something along those lines. Then you will need to make this into a link with the destination URL being #chinese

Now in the additional information section add the below to a code block, you can change the text Chinese Version to whatever you would like.

<a id="chinese"></a>Chinese Version

That's it you should now have a link that automatically scrolls the user down to that section.

The below link may also give you some ideas on how to create a WhatsApp share button.


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Hi Allan - which template are you using?  I have done everything according to directions with no luck so I am wondering if my template will not support anchor links on the additional Info section of a products page. Thanks!

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