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  1. I'm using the commerce page to display people who are looking for jobs here in Hong Kong. In navigation, a customer clicks on their picture to read about them, and there is a "back to bios" arrow at the top. When clicked it takes them back to the commerce page, BUT always to the top. The person they were looking at is already halfway down the page. Is there a way to have a simple "back" and next bio" feature? I want customers to be able to scroll horizontally through the photos, read bios, and even mark or like the bios they are most interested in for later review. (similar to putting products in your shopping cart). Would greatly appreciate advice and help from the experts here. Thanks.
  2. I'm using the Product page "additional information" to place a Chinese version of my product information (same info as main section, but in a different language). I would like to have a link at the top of my product info that would jump directly to the Chinese version, for those customers who prefer that. I understand that when they look at the product page they can scroll down to the Chinese section, but I'm worried that they might not see it, so a link will alert them and be convenient for them. Thank you for your expertise! Also I'd love to add a "Share" button on the each product page so customer's could easily what'sapp us and say "I want to know more". We use what'sapp constantly to communicate with our customers. Thanks!
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