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  1. @brendancss - thanks so much for this! A super helpful extension of what @kenwestphal wrote. Weird issue - my aim is a grid - but once I line everything up, I click refresh, and the images seem to revert to a stacked position. Did you encounter this issue? I've been trying to solve the problem with two photos before I repeat the task 30 times :) Any insight? The page where I'm experimenting can be found here: https://beth-beauchamp-manm.squarespace.com/staff-1
  2. I hope you found your answer already, but if not, did you try using the code you already tried and inserting it sitewide instead of on the specific index pages? I'm using Wav which is in the same family as Brine, and adding the above code to Custom CSS instead of the page header injection did the trick!
  3. This was incredibly helpful! Thank you!!!
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