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  1. Hello, would you know how to keep accordions opened when clicking on another one? Currently, when Accordion 1 is open and the reader clicks on Accordion 2, Accordion 1 closes automatically. I would like to keep Accordions open when the user clicks on the other ones. If he wants to close them, he can then do it himself. My main issue is when the text in Accordion 1 is very long, clicking on Accordion 2 makes the text sometimes jump off screen (because Accordion 1 has closed and left a lot of space to fill)
  2. Sorry didn't see your response. It seems to be working! http://www.riseconsulting.com.au/career-series-option-2 Is there a way to change the speed of that loop (to make it faster) and make it infinite (coming back to the beginning when it reaches the last post?) Was also wondering if it was possible to add a sort of "fade effect" when in autoplay? But that might be a bit much to ask :) Thank you already for your help!
  3. Thanks for your answer! I tried injected the code and it doesn't work.Tried various place, straight into the page, via the settings, nothing seams to be working...
  4. I've been searching on the Answers to no avail, would be great feature!
  5. Ok, I see where my issue is - I should read instructions better. It is said in the header code injection bit: "var divNum = new Array("a1","a2","a3"); // at the left you should add a1, a2 etc. for each header you wish to include // so if you want 4 headers you should add a1, a2, a3, a4 in the format shown // enclosed in double quotes ...and I did not add "a4" for my 4th accordion. Problem solved.
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