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  1. @sruss76Thank you for this. But then I would also add each color variation to that product? Here is an example. https://coverswim.com/collections/swimsuits This site lists each separate product on their shop page but then when you select one you see the color selected but also the ability to choose the other color on that same page. Just worried I might have duplicate variants/inventory...
  2. Site URL: https://www.aquariusswim.com/ Hello, I am trying to list each product color variant as a separate item on a shop page. Right now its is listing as one product and the product page shows the color options. I would like to display each color on just the shop page. e.g. Bodysuit that comes in white, black, orange, purple as 4 items on the shop page and then when clicked goes to the correct color option for that bodysuit. Is that possible?
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