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  1. Hi all -- has there been an update to this? Is it possible to create a simple slideshow banner with text in 7.1?
  2. URGENT ATTENTION: I just went live on a site, and I am noticing mobile only glitches, that I think have to do with Squarespace's backend. The first is that I added code to change the design on mobile, but every time I click the home button, it reverts back to the previous design. Only once I click refresh, does it return back to my coded design. This is happening on both the homepage and the about page. I have attached a screen recording and desperately need help resolving this, because any user that goes on it, won't realize what it correct and what isn't and it just doesn't look consistent. Thank you in advance! Best, Manisha RPReplay_Final1578493286.MP4
  3. Hi @HeartAndDash -- thank you so much for sharing this code. Two questions for you: 1. Is there a way to change the overlay color to black instead of white? 2. For mobile - is there a way to have the title show up without the hover or someway of showing the titles below (only for mobile?)Thank you so much in advance!
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