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  1. I actually just typed a different number in even though the slider goes to the maximum number, click on the number next to the slider and type in what you want. It worked for me in the template supply. Hope it works for you
  2. I’m using the code provided and it is working but the page I am adding it to has a colored background so when it opens the hidden content after clicking the heading it has a white block to the left of the text. It is on a FAQs page I am creating so the heading is the Question and the open content is the answer. When the answer is shown under the Q: and to the left of the full answer is a white bock, but the background behind the actual text is the correct color of the site. The white area is just in the empty space to the left of the answer. Does anyone know how to fix this so it is the same
  3. @polnatal, you have to wrap each in quote marks, like so: "a1","a2","a3","a4","a5",
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