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  1. Check the image file: Ensure that the new background image you're trying to upload is in a compatible format (such as JPEG or PNG) and meets any size or dimension requirements specified by your website platform. Verify the image upload: Double-check that you're correctly uploading the new background image to the appropriate section or theme settings in your website builder. Sometimes, a simple oversight can lead to the image not being applied correctly. Review the code: Although the support person mentioned that the issue might be related to code on your page, it's worth checking if there are any conflicting CSS styles or JavaScript functions that could be affecting the background image. Inspect the page's source code or use browser developer tools to identify any potential conflicts or errors. Clear website cache: In addition to clearing your browser cache, some website builders have their own caching systems. Look for an option to clear the cache within your website builder's settings. This ensures that any cached version of your website, which might be causing the image to persist, is cleared. Test on different devices and browsers: Ensure that the issue is consistent across multiple devices and browsers to rule out any local caching or rendering problems. If the problem persists consistently across different environments, it's more likely an issue with the website itself. Contact customer support again: If the issue remains unresolved, reach out to Squarespace support once more and provide them with as much detailed information as possible. Explain that you've already tried the suggested steps and share any relevant error messages or codes you've encountered. Remember to provide them with specific information about the affected page, the steps you've taken, and any error messages you've received. This will help the support team better understand the issue and provide you with a more targeted solution. It's also worth mentioning that if the issue is indeed related to code on your page, you might consider seeking assistance from a web developer or designer who can review your code and help you troubleshoot the problem more effectively.
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